“Don’t eat poop or snow”

My 3 year old has been distilling his knowledge to me. I think he’s close to writing a best-seller.

Last night he told me “Mommy, don’t eat poop or snow.” Duly noted. Boogers are still fair game though.

We’ve talked with him about eating snow, he’ll pick it right up off the muddy car to eat, the gnarly sidewalk…it’s gross. So, that I understand. Where he got the poop part of the advice from, I don’t know. I’m trying not to think about it. I’m hoping he just had an epiphany and he didn’t learn it through experience.


This kid’s going places.

Last night he also mentioned his first imaginary friend, yay! I thought this might be an interesting part of his development. What kind of fanciful creature would his sharp little mind conjure up? Guess what his imaginary friend’s name is…go ahead. Can you guess? It’s…

Other Mommy.

I… don’t know what to think of that. My husband finds it to be hilarious and got a good chuckle out of it. Fine, it’s fine. Maybe Other Mommy can wipe his a** next time he needs a pull up change. I’m not bitter.

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