What a difference two years makes

Getting back into the swing of things! Trite as it sounds, a baby (now fully formed little guy) really changes everything about your life, good and bad. It’s really impossible to be selfish, but things that I used to take for granted (decently polished toe nails, reading a book with more than 500 words, taking a dump without someone staring at me and handing me toilet paper) are slowly returning to my life.

I have been remiss with my writing, so I’m giving it a go and trying to really get back into it, not unlike many of the pre-baby things I liked to do! The little guy is now old enough where I don’t have to eagle eye every second of the day. I even got to make and can some raspberry jam this week! Granted little guy¬†was at daycare, husband was at work and I actually had the day off work, but I accomplished something delicious!


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