Musical Theater Makes Me Uncomfortable

I hate when someone sings in public. No matter how amazing their voice is, I always cringe and secretly (not so secretly) wish they would stop. I don’t like musicals or musical theater, and I definitely hate audience participation, unless it is a comedy show and someone is being made fun of.


I saw this with my Mom and it was the literal worst.


I get second hand embarrassment really easily, I can’t even watch Wife Swap. I think I am more embarrassed for others than for myself. Not that I don’t do things that are really embarrassing (I have been described as the “most awkward person” by more than a couple people), but I had food poisoning on a road trip once, and since then nothing really embarrasses me. If you’ve truly had food poisoning, you will understand. I call that “the trip I lost any shred of dignity and several pairs of my favorite jeans.” Plus if you’ve met my husband, you’ll understand my tolerance for embarrassing behavior.


Not too much phases me these days.


In Denver i worked for a non-profit that was holding a gala event, and a part of the gala involved the local performing arts school doing various broadway songs. Basically the worst thing ever, I would have paid money to avoid it. The end of the show culminated in “Let the Light Shine In” from Hair. I had to see a rehearsal at the school and it was just me and maybe 3 other people in the audience. There were about 20 kids on stage and they came at me, smiling and emoting. There was no avoiding eye contact, and I was sweating profusely. It was my nightmare. You could have thrown 30 spiders directly at my face, and I would have been cool with it as long as it meant I could leave.

In short, please don’t sing around me, unless you’re being ironic or hilarious.

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