Holiday Flavors

It’s time for holiday coooookies! I said that in an Oprah voice in my head (which I frequently do, but only in my head, I’m horrible at impersonations). Half the conversations in my head are in Oprah voice.

oprah excited

I know Oprah, I’m just as excited about the impending holiday treats as you.

I’m more excited about holiday cookies than any who isn’t pregnant or five years old should be. I really like spice flavors, so it works out in my favor (or flavor, amirite? Wordplay!). I’m totally breezing past the Starbucks lattes, there is not a Starbucks anywhere in the vicinity of my house or place of employment, and I could have sworn they had pumpkin spice lattes year round. That and I don’t want to be a caricature of suburban white woman. I already love Pinterest, Anthropologie and jeans tucked into boots, I don’t need to stereotype myself even more. I will say I do not own a pair of Uggs or any Pandora jewelry, so score one for me.

I have already gone through a package of pfeffernusse (don’t you judge me) and they were pillowy soft and delicious. Grab a pack yourself, if I can find them in Vermont, I am sure they have them at your neighborhood store. There are various manufacturers, all are good. They are little, soft, gingerbread cookies coated in a thin sugar shell.


Just go straight to the customer service desk and ask for Pfeffernusse, they will know exactly what you’re talking about. Just kidding, they will say “God Bless You” and hand you a tissue.

Yesterday I picked up a box of these bad boys. They are like wedding cake cookies, but with salty cashews in them.


Don’t feel shame if you eat the whole box in one sitting. I wholly support this activity.

Last night as I opened the box, I had the following conversation with my husband Tom:

Me: drooling and gurgling

Tom: What are those?

Me: Cashew cookies, would you like one?

Tom: are there nuts in them?

Me: blank stare

Tom: Do they have cashews in them?

Me: Are you really asking me if these cashew cookies have cashews in them?

Tom: They don’t look like they have nuts in them.

My husband, ladies and gentlemen! He did not have a cookie and I side-eyed him for a good 15 minutes after this brief conversation.

I have a whole list of cookies I pinned on pinterest, and fully plan to make at least one of the recipes, which I will share on this blog. As for now, on to the next box of holiday treats!

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