Pregnancy Products

Companies like to create all types of stupid sh*t marketed to pregnant women.  Being as I have limited disposable income and live in the middle of nowhere, this keeps me from buying tons of said stupid pregnancy sh*t.  I make do.

I have made a few purchases, here’s what has and hasn’t worked for me.

Belly Bands


Is this woman even pregnant?

I got the Target version, BeBand, one white and one black.  The premise is simple, and great in theory. Rather than buying maternity pants, slip these bad boys on over your unbuttoned pants and you’re good to go!  Didn’t really work that way.  They rolled down, you could see the unbuttoned pants through the belly band, they were uncomfortable and I was constantly tugging at them.  I will try again with them when I’m post partum, but I wouldn’t recommend them.  I also tried the ole ponytail holder through the button, that didn’t work out too well for me either.


At about $28 a bottle, it's a little on the pricier side of life.

At about $28 a bottle, it’s a little on the pricier side of life.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I was terrified of stretch marks and wanted to do whatever I could to prevent them (I’ve since moved past my fear and realize that I will most likely get them, no big deal).  Everyone and their cousin said to get Bio-Oil.  I used it through one bottle.  I don’t have any stretch marks, but I’ve since learned that they are entirely genetic and probably wouldn’t appear until the very end of my pregnancy, if not after giving birth.  Bio-Oil is fine, the smell was innocuous enough, it didn’t stain my clothing, but I don’t know if it did anything.  Kind of expensive too, I’ve since switched over to regular ole lotion.  I think the oil/lotion on the belly and breasts help more with itching than anything.  And there will be itching.

Pre-Natal Yoga

While not a product, pre-natal yoga is something that I purchased strictly for pregnancy and I love it!  I was never into yoga pre-pregnancy, as I have the flexibility of a 90 year old man and felt insecure in classes I have taken, instructors seemed to spend a good chunk of the class correcting whatever I was doing wrong.  At any rate, I do yoga once a week for an hour and a half.  Not a ton of time, but I do think it has helped me remain relatively ache-free and mobile during my pregnancy.  At the very least it is a super relaxing time that I set aside for me and my baby where I can just concentrate on my body and relaxing.  I’m a yoga convert and plan on continuing post partum.  It’s also a great way to meet other pregnant women, especially if you live in a rural area with not a lot of resources.  I take my classes at the hospital, and I am getting reimbursed for the classes through my health insurance.  CALL YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER when you find out you are pregnant.  I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they have a fantastic program for pregnant women, Better Beginnings, that provides all types of resources, reimbursements and free stuff.  I never knew about it until I called to see what my maternity benefits were, they don’t exactly advertise it.

Maternity Bras

Now that Giselle is done with VS, she should really look into Fruit of the Loom.

Now that Giselle is done with VS, she should really look into Fruit of the Loom.

Bras are expensive.  I own dozens of bras but only wear a handful of my tried and true (kind of like jeans).  Your breasts will change throughout your pregnancy, so your bras are going to have to change.  Being as there are no stores nearby to try on multiple bras, I would have to order online, which I just can’t do with a bra.  Rather than spend a ton of money and time finding maternity bras, I bought a bunch of Fruit of the Loom sports bras in larger sizes, and they have worked out great.  Are they flattering?  No.  Are the comfortable?  Heck yeah.  Cheap?  Heck yeah.  Save your money, don’t buy expensive bras that might only last a couple months.

Eucerin Redness Relief

There's a whole line, I didn't bother with it, just use the lotion.

There’s a whole line, I didn’t bother with it, just use the lotion.

Oh, that pregnancy glow.  And by glow I mean rosacea.  I got it pretty bad during my pregnancy.  Multiple people told me to go to the dermatologist to get a prescription for Finacea, however I didn’t have rosacea before my pregnancy, so I’m going to bank on it going away after I give birth.  Instead I started using Eucerin Redness Relief Daily lotion. It is tinged green, akin to a mint green, and it does make a difference.  It doesn’t do anything to heal the redness and bumps, but it does minimize the look of it quite a bit.  I use this and then put some primer and then Clinique BB cream on top (and if I’m feeling fancy some contour, highlighter and powder) and I do look good.  I get lots of compliments about my pregnancy skin, little do they know I’m wearing a metric crap ton more makeup than usual! Magic!

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