Rhubarb Bars

When we first moved into our home it was the beginning of Winter, so Spring was pretty exciting because we had never seen the yard in full bloom and we had no idea what we had, flora wise.  One of the first things to arrive was rhubarb, and I will readily admit I had NO idea what it was when it started growing.  Look at it, it’s like a rotten tomato, can you blame my confusion?

Weeding is not really my forte.

Weeding is not really my forte.

At any rate, I had a ton of rhubarb, and I had never cooked with rhubarb before, so I searched on Pinterest and found this pinned recipe from Lara Ferroni’s blog: Rhubarb Bars.  I chose this recipe because look how gorgeous:

The recipe was a lot of work, it’s actually a two part recipe (one for the curd and another for the bars) and it didn’t come out nearly as beautiful as the pictures on the website (Lara Ferroni is a food photographer, so it would be hard to compete).  I admit I cheated some and added food coloring to the curd.  If you enjoy the art of cooking, you’ll like making these.  If you’re cooking just to get to the final product, maaaybe skip this one.

Sorry for the lack of pics of my final product, I made them before the blog.  There was a lot of work involved, and I ended up with a lot of curd (which I really didn’t know what to do with, honestly, what do you do with curd). The bars were delicious, and pretty impressive.  This is a great recipe if you have time (and rhubarb) on your hands. I would consider it a success!

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