Pinterest, I can’t quit you.

Like many “hip” things, I was totally late to the Pinterest party, I’m not an early adopter of anything (if it wasn’t for my work providing a cell phone I would still have a flip phone).  I’m also pretty sure Pinterest isn’t “hip,” nor is the use of the word “hip.”  Mind you, I have raised the roof within the past year, I’m not exactly cutting edge or “with it.”  Excuse my excessive use of quotation marks, I swear I don’t do the air quotation marks when I talk.  Get off my lawn.

I digress.  I have spent countless hours, that otherwise would have been spent watching tv, pinning.  Actually I pin while I watch tv, so that’s not correct, I’m a multi-tasker, I get things done (Americorps style – certain people will get that reference).

Pinterest has brought me many delicious recipes that are in my rotation, as well as some total bombs.  Don’t trust people when they say the recipe is “the most amazing, husband pleasing recipe EVARRR,” it never is, and you shouldn’t base your recipe choices by what’s going to please your man the most.  In my experience, if it has bacon wrapped in meat, wrapped in bacon, it will please your man.  The equation is that simple.

I will be posting my favorite (and least favorite recipes) up in here, so keep coming back to see what I’ve done next!

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